Flower of the Day - Gypsophila

Posted by Becky Lindstedt on

Originally from the dry, sandy, stony steppes of Eastern Europe, it is now considered an invasive species around the Great Lakes, Chicago, and the Pacific Northwest. Available year-round, it's name is derived from the Greek word gypsos, meaning gypsum, and philos, meaning loving. It is very ethylene sensitive and must be kept away from fruits and vegetables, automobile exhaust and cigarette smoke. It is important to re-cut it every other day, as the ends block very quickly with bacteria. Try putting it in a 1/4 tsp bleach to 1 qt water solution for several minutes between hydrating and giving fresh flower food solution. Saponins in the plant can cause asthmatic reactions, eye irritation, or temporary skin irritation in some people. It is poisonous if ingested. Gypsophila has a life span of 5-10 days. To preserve it, place fresh cut stem ends in a mixture of one part glycerin and two parts water.

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