Why Give Flowers?

Posted by Becky Lindstedt on

We have always had a connection to flowers, as they imbue a sense of being one with the earth. In ancient times, flower varieties and flower quantities were given particular meanings and used to transmit furtive messages. At one point in history, it was almost necessary for brides to carry flowers, to mask the olfactory assault of seldom bathing. 

Today, we see flowers as a means to lift the spirits, make occasions memorable, garner recognition, and feed the soul. Like people, no two flowers are alike, with their uniqueness being representative of us as well. The fragrance, the colour, and the texture all  contribute to the satisfying experience of sending and receiving flowers. From a single bloom, to an elaborate bouquet, as is often quoted, 'It's the thought that counts'. Choose today to create an experience to remember with the gift of flowers. 

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