Syndicate Sales Has Landed

Posted by Sydney Lindstedt on

Just received word that the shipment we've been waiting not so patiently for from Syndicate Sales has landed in Calgary and will be delivered by tomorrow. Six pallets of new vases, bamboo easels and a variety of foams. All those wonderful fall tone collections - Key West, Farmer's Market, Popsicle - and a wonderful selection of cases and containers in the Vintage Champagne and Antique Rose gold colours that are so popular for weddings and events this year. Also more from the Holly Chapple Collection, including the Abby Compotes that can be air brushed to the colour of your choice. Totally custom for each event. Something new are the stacked planters - self watering in fashionable cork or matte grey. The bamboo easels I mentioned earlier can hold up to 100 pounds which is great for those large pieces. We brought in some of the Aquaplus flower food and foam lines. Stop in and check out the new Norah vase. Well, back to sourcing Christmas and other client requests.

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