Planning Perfect Planters

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Now is the time to be planning and implementing the construction of your outdoor planters. Most planter pots are invariably large and heavy. To save soil and cost, it's a great idea to turn a bucket upside down in the planter, prior to adding a container in which to design your creation. This also helps in the transportation of the planter, if need be. You can use floral foam, ground Styrofoam and chicken wire, or any other medium that will hold your boughs and branches in your design container.  Once they're watered in, the weather will finish the job by freezing them in place for the season. Remember to coat your hands with Avon's Silicone Glove prior to working with Christmas greens, to make for easy clean up. Fresh boughs, which have been sprayed with Leaf Shine to help keep moisture in the needles, are augmented by branches and/or birch poles, pine cones, baubles, and bows among other accoutrements. Red Dogwood branches and natural pine cones can also stand a coating of Leaf Shine or Design Master Glossy Woodtone spray to heighten their colour and mask any dusty residue. All of these items hold colour from Design Master COLORTOOL spray very well. Remember that every insertion costs money, so use large branchy boughs and cluster like items together for greater impact. Wired ribbon is a good choice if you're including bows and streamers, as the wire helps the bow hold it's shape. Polypropylene ribbons are especially good at withstanding the weather. Design Master Dresden Clear Glaze is an excellent choice for spraying red ilex or other berries, as it provides a quick drying, flexible, clear glossy finish. The sappy residue from your work area and tools can be cleaned with Design Master Mess Master. Have fun!

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