Midnight Foam by Smithers-Oasis Pre-Sale

Posted by Becky Lindstedt on

Hope you're all enjoying the long weekend.  

Amazing Floral Wholesale would like to introduce Midnight Foam by Smithers-Oasis. This dark grey foam turns rich black when wet. Foliage needs can be reduced by at least 25% when using Midnight foam, saving you time and money. However, this foam is so attractive, you won't want to cover it up! Midnight Foam is bio-degradable, like all other Smithers-Oasis Maxlife foams. This revolutionary product arrives at Amazing Floral Whoelsale in October. It will be  available in Standard Foam, Deluxe Foam, Grande Foam, and Designer Blocks. the Standard Foam will also be available in two block packs if you want to try it before investing in a 24 block case. Pre-book now. 

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