Participation is the Word!

Posted by Becky Lindstedt on

Each generation brings their own flavour to the flower world, and as florists, we have to grow accordingly. The principles and techniques may remain the same, but the applications have changed. This does not mean we toss Fibonacci and the golden ratio to the wind. These relationships still need to be included for our creations to be pleasing to the eye and mind. Today, the consumer wants to be part of the process. There is a need to put their imprint on all aspects of life, including the gifts they chose to give.  This can be encouraged by offering fresh cut flower choices and assorted containers that we can then use for their compositions. We have always been alert about offering add-ons to purchases. Now we can offer add-ons to our almost complete creations - a filler, interesting foliage, or a unique focal they can request to make the arrangement an echo of their personality.  We have to remember to look outside of our wallet and comfort zone and embrace the consumer's vision. Our experience will help guide their choices and result in an offering pleasing to ourselves, our clients, and the gift recipients. 

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