Quick Christmas Decoration For Your Door

Posted by Becky Lindstedt on

Looking for a quick and easy Christmas decoration. Try a fresh boughs swag! All you need are a few boughs of your favourite Christmas greenery ( I would suggest longer lasting ones like cedar, pine, and fir), branches and baubles to compliment your decor, and if you choose, a bow made from, ribbon, wire, raffia, mylar, mesh, or medium of your choice. Lay the boughs one on top of the other - larger to the back, smaller to the front and secure with a cable tie. For longer life, spray with Leaf Shine to help retain the moisture in the needles.  Wire or cable tie your baubles in place and add your bow. That easy! You can make a hanging hook on the back with cable ties. Oasis Flat Wire has been used to construct a bow in the image above. Assorted baubles and berries, ribbons and wires, and Leaf Shine are available at Amazing Floral Wholesale. 


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